15v4 touchpad tap to click not working on byzantium with i3

Hi, I recently did the full upgrade to byzantium on my 15v4. Everything is working great, but I like to use the i3 wm and after the upgrade, the tap to click on the touchpad doesn’t work on i3?

It works on gnome, but not on xfce4 and i3 wm. Anyone have any thoughts? is it the 5.10 kernel with byzantium or is it something within i3?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @zks1,
not sure but it could be related to the whole wayland x11 can of worms.
if your main usecase is the i3 window manager you might want to take a look at sway it’s mostly an drop in replacement if i3 but uses wayland like gnome instead of x11.


right and then just add to config

input type:touchpad {
        tap enabled
        natural_scroll enabled
        dwt enabled
        scroll_method two_finger

to enable touchpad gestures


Thanks @Manuel and @ruff! I’ll give those a try.

Worked like a charm and it is nice to learn about something new. I hadn’t heard of sway before.