1TB micro SD card supported?

So I was linked this article by a friend;

Can the Librem 5 be reasonably expected to support cards up to this size? If so, that’ll go a long way towards making the stock storage size a complete non-issue.

Can’t believe we’re seeing micro SD cards this size hit the market, what a time to be alive.

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It can use up to 2TB, can easily expand storage space using microSDHC or microSDXC cards up to 2TB as stated by Nintendo official.


I’m not sure if Nintendo is relevant (although, yes, NES emulator will be installed at some point) but… has anyone (@lipu, @dos?) tested how big SD card the L5 accepts - what are you using? @amosbatto had the specs but can we get empirical facts on this?

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I think that @BrownLuther007’s point is the two devices use the same reader?

If so, then whatever Nintendo certifies shouldn’t have an issue running on the L5, assuming the drivers and everything are up to the task.

The odds are pretty good, for the most part these high capacity cards keep the same client interface so your reader doesn’t do anything differently, but there are exceptions. I’m sure that once the phone comes out someone will start a thread about what cards work with links to buy.

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Sorry, I haven’t checked that. I use a 32 GB card, so probably very far from the maximum capacity, and I’m not currently in need of anything close to 1 TB on any of my gadgets.

I’m using a 256GB card with my Librem 5 without any issues. I don’t have any higher capacity cards here to test, but I’m not aware of any size limits there, so I’d expect 1TB cards to work as well.


I will probably use ext4 with one partition for myself, but I am wondering, would there be any restrictions on what filesystem or how the SD card is partitioned? I don’t see why there would be…

It’s just a GNU/Linux computer. My SD card currently has 6 partitions on it, with some of them containing other operating system installations :stuck_out_tongue:


It can support 2TB

External Storage: microSD ( 2TB max )


Thanks for confirming. Unfortunately, I cannot even search for > 1TB SD Cards on NewEgg: https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?N=100007962%20600497138%20601342702%20600555970%20601334278

But man, am I excited to have my whole music library on my phone and not just the 8-10 albums at a time I can currently fit on my Android.

Edit: And have room like @dos said to hold other distros to boot from.


2TB microSD card in a Linux phone … what a great time to become like Batman

Nor Amazon. Nor other places I have looked.

However if I found one, I don’t think I would like the price. Almost as much again as the phone itself? :frowning: I will be happy with 1TB or even 512GB (which are both available, and both more or less affordable).

I don’t know what “support” means unless it has been tested.

For the highest power of 2, that is within the theoretical range, to work it does require no crappy software / firmware / hardware that interprets an unsigned value as a signed value - and lots of other things can go wrong besides.

The FAQ has info on what cards should theoretically be supported.


yes they are likely to cost an arm and a leg but what would you say if i told you that there are some variants of the same model and size that are marketed as ‘long-lasting’ and ‘for-harsh-environments’ that also get less warm and have better write life cycles … they are twice as much usually. that means both arms and both legs :rofl:

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That’s savage…can’t wait to get mine.


A lot of those are fake/scams. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-D6tYBX8vE for more info. I would highly suggest sticking to Best Buy, Newegg, or any other reputable retailer that doesn’t just let anyone sell, and check the reviews. I think there were some clone cards for Samsung (or maybe it was SanDisk, I don’t remember) that were going around, but they are likely going around for all the major companies, and the only easy way to tell is that they would overwrite data, since they falsely report their capacity.


Read the reviews on Amazon of one suspiciously cheap high capacity µSDXC card (I forget which one but either 512GB or 1TB) and all the reviews are saying that the card simply doesn’t work! You would be buying a relatively expensive small rectangle of plastic, but don’t expect to use it to store data other than what you might handwrite on it. LOL.

I’ll be sticking with a mainstream brand at a credible, if higher, price from a reputable seller.

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SanDisk is a pretty good brand isn’t it? This is Best Buy-good reviews. it’s on Amazon also- who cares what their reviews say , it’s a good card right?