2 day old laptop completely BRICKED thanks to update

Hi I am brand new to Linux or librem for that matter and I am not to pleased by how user unfriendly this VERY expensive Librem 15 v4 laptop has been; after booting it up it displays “cryptsetup failed, bad password or options?” failing to boot after multiple attempts and stating “ALERT! VOID=Gafadeb3-eb9e-4933-a2ce-f9cba03f532e does not exist. Dropping to a shell!” . I do have a login password but is there a straight forward approach to putting a cryptsetup password via the busybox initramfs command prompt or was my purchase doomed from the beginning; I don’t have the pureos usb stick but I really don’t want to spend any more money if I am going to have to cut my losses.

Probably best to email support directly. support@puri.sm


I’m truly baffled that this is the conclusion you’ve come to. I understand you’re upset, but an update causing the laptop to fail to boot certainly isn’t bricked by any conventional sense of the word, and your device is under warranty – so sending an email to support@puri.sm should have been your first step.


Being brand new to Linux sounds like the thing here. Without in any way patrionising you, take a breath, contact support and go from there. Linux is a constant learning curve. Hang in there. Its more than worth it once you get more proficient. Good luck. I’d be keen to see how you go.


You have both friends here and with the Purism support team. I understand why you may have decided to vent here; however, in my experience Purism support is amazing. Give them a shot!


Out of curiosity, may I inquire what made you get a Librem Laptop and made you switch to Linux? I agree with @Brad, there surely is a steep learning curve. Purism support is surely helpful, but also the forum and the internet in general is a very friendly place and many people here are willing to help you! It will be a bit of a struggle at the beginning for sure, but I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it fully soon!