2 L5s arrived now what?

August 4th, and I just opened the shipping box that held my two new Evergreen L5s. I got my two phones on June 12th, 2023!

I buy PURISM stuff to support the idea. See https://forums.puri.sm/t/two-l5s-walk-into-a-bar/20120?u=traacker1

I lurk in public to find someone to tell about PURISM. It’s really fun since there is hardly anyone who isn’t curious about “the newest tech thing on the block.” PURISM is just that to most folks, me thinks. Today, I saw someone, stranger to me, at a brew house and had him open my box of L5s today.

I got the usual WOW… never heard of them as I “let” him be one of the few folks on the planet to have ever touched an L5. Suitably impressed, he was instructed to put it back; we, actually I, have only opened one of the two individual L5 boxes. Niether of the phones have even been turned on.

I just thought of a way I may use one of them. I think I shall try selling the other unopened, brand-new USA Evergreen. If anyone is interested, let me know - I am unsure where to put it up for sale.

Bingo - how can I use this device?
Popped into my head - how about I use it to run a network in my Stealth Van?

It looks like it may be perfect:
Small - low power draw - blue tooth - wifi - full OS - got a breakout board. But how do I find someone who could set it up for me? If I can pull that off: now I have a server for the Van!

Has anybody raised or addressed the issue of how to get tech service on PURISM products ( not tech support for issues ) but tech support for retail-type users? Like the GEEK squad but specializing in PURISM equipment and PURIAM OS?

Does this already exist somewhere?



Not for Purism specifically as I am not a Purism employee, but this is generally the kind of work I do as my day job while I am job hunting. I specialize in systems engineering and IT infrastructure to construct turnkey systems to address a wide variety of needs. To date, this has ranged from elaborate homelab setups, RVs and vans, digital hygiene and data consolidation, proprietary-to-FOSS tooling migrations, etc.


Make a separate thread, then list the price, whether shipping is included or not, condition, description, etc.

Good luck selling the Librem 5 USA while the Librem 5 Liberty (Phone) exists now.

Just a heads up on reselling these: Purism does not honor warranties for second-hand devices, which pretty badly diminishes their resale value.

Where did you read that?
As far as I know, warranty is givven on the device, not on the seller.

That would usually depend on where you are.

Although you didn’t answer the question “Where did you read that?” , I can inform you that (as long as you are acting within the guaranty policies of Purism) and out of personal experience, second hand devices are not excluded from their warranty policy.

Sorry for being off topic, but I felt the need to let readers know that your statement isn’t correct.
You can read all about their warranty policies here.

I didn’t answer the question.
because I was not asked the question… (you asked Skzenjak, not me)

Although since you ask. the reason I said it depends where you are, is because where I live, warranty obligations lay with the seller, not the manufacturer.
So if I go to PC world in my town and buy a laptop, if/when it breaks my contract is with PC world and I take it there, I do not need to arrange delivery back to Lenovo in China.
where I read this is legislation in the country that I live in.
For example, I can open a phone shop and buy 50 L5s as my stock, if my customers have an issue their warranty claim would be with me. (not Purism.)

Purism can (and it looks like they have) choose to honor warranty returns for people they have no association with. - but there is nothing that means they have to (you didn’t buy from them, you have no contract with them.)

I apologize. I didn’t notice the user change. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you for your input, but the analogy isn’t the same as buying
from let’s say Amazon or in a shop down town.
In such case, I agree you need to claim warranty there.

Since we only can buy the L5 from Purism directly, and not from a reseller, they are the one
who grant warranty (or not).

So saying Purism doesn’t provide warranty when bought second hand is a bit to
harsh to say.
In such a case it’s better to contact them and ask them if you can claim warranty
or maybe ask them “what about warranty” before buying the second hand device.

Again, sorry for mixing you up with skzenjak

I read it in a support email where they said I would need to pay for out-of-warranty service for a repair since I didn’t purchase the device.

They didn’t ask for an IMEI, a location, or any other information - they just flatly stated it to me.

Don’t mix commercial resellers (companies) with a private person that sells just one phone. 2 different things which is handled by different laws.

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I purchased mine from a private person. Again, they didn’t ask for any clarifying info such as serial or any other information - they diagnosed it as a hardware issue, and when I told them I purchased it second-hand, they said it would need to be considered an out-of-warranty repair.

If they had inquired further to figure out if the phone was actually under warranty, I would not have made a blanket statement that second-hand phones aren’t covered under any warranty.

And I apologize for hijacking this post. I won’t be making any more comments here, I just wanted people to be aware of how Purism handles warranty service on second-hand phones. If anyone wants to discuss it further, feel free to message me; I just don’t want to clog this thread up with anymore unrelated discussion.


I was writing it in general, not answering (against) you. :slightly_smiling_face: