2FA for account login

I’m considering making my @librem.one email address my main email, but I don’t like that there is no 2fa protecting the login to my account. Are there any plans for this feature?


But even gmail only does asks for 2FA some of the time.

I guess they only ask for 2FA after I lose my cookie?

Unrelated funny story:

Lost gmail for a week on a Tiger cruise. Tried to get gmail on one of those infrequent periods when the ship says they have internet access. So we had temporary internet, but no phone! So I couldn’t get the 2FA to confirm who I was! Since I didn’t answer, I was locked out of gmail until we got back to port.

Any particular 2FA mechanism you prefer? Tied in with that, would you be using that email address on your mobile phone or on a desktop / laptop?

Google has the TOTP option to log in on the web browser, but they also have a way to connect your desktop email client so that it can do POP/IMAP.

Something like that for Librem would be nice.

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@joao.azevedo ?

Librem One at this moment does not have 2FA for emails.

But they will gladly relay another site’s 2FA via email. :slight_smile: