2TB+ Internal HD compatibility with Librem 14 V1?

I currently have a 500GB drive. I need at least 2TB. As near as I can tell, the V1 model only supports 1 drive slot… or am I missing something?

What are the specific tech specs I need to look for in a drive upgrade that’s compatible with the Librem 14 V1?

Purism website shows that you can have 2 SSDs, if you choose a 3-cell battery.

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Unfortunately I have the 4 cell battery. If I had it to do again, I’d opt for the 3 cells with 2 drive option.

Can’t you order the other battery from Purism and replace it? Anyway, you should be able to use Librem 14 without a battery with two SSDs.

It is good that the 3-cell battery option is finally available (but at no price reduction). The last time I checked 3-cell was not available and I had noticed any announcement. When did it become available?

I can’t find either Librem 14 battery available separately.

For spare parts please get in touch with support.

Concerning storage, you can e.g. use a 2TB NVME SSD - 2 TB in one SSD, no need to use the 2nd slot.

PS: The SSDs are M.2 2280 …