32GB Maxium Memory

The 15’ Librem previously had the ability to use up to 32GB Ram.Is this still possible or we limited to 16GB now?

The reason for the question is i run Cubes OS and due to the nature of the hypervisor based OS security model more memory is always beneficial.


Limited to 16 GB (just one slot). We’ll look into adding one more slot for our next motherboard revision.

For what it is worth: I have been running Qubes OS on a Librem 13 with 16 Go memory for more than a year and I’ve never felt short of memory.


The v4 still only supports 16GB…? I thought you would change that, soon…


Hmm… disappointing. 16GB is marginal for developers.

@mladen Is there any reason it was removed (price, space, e.c.t)?

the v4 is a just a v3 with a SoC change, board layout etc is exactly the same. There were a variety of factors that led the 2nd sodimm slot to be dropped from the v3/v4 board designs, and we’re aware it’s something users have been quite vocal about.