32gm ram laptops, dual sim phone


I have been lurking around this site for over a year now, sympathizing with purism’s goals and product development. By writing this post, I intend to provide some feedback to purism regarding two product features that I desire: More RAM for the laptops, dual sim for the phone.

  • I have been hesitating to buy a librem laptop because it only supported up to 16gb RAM. I was hoping the next generation would fix this. Unfortunately no. I still want 32gb of RAM. Please plan it for the next version!

  • What is keeping me from pre-ordering the librem 5 is that it does not have dual sims. I am currently using a dual sim phone (for home and work sims) and switching away from this convenience is quite a showstopper. I know this topic is being sufficiently discussed in other treads, so these are just my additional two cents.

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for all the good work!


hello ! purism librem devices don’t currently support more than 16GB ram and are not 100 % RYF certified.

if you are interested in 32GB ram it sounds like a workstation might be a better alternative for you.

https://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/endorsement/respects-your-freedom look for the viking boards or workstations. they run Libreboot not coreboot like the purism devices.

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I think the v2 Librems supported 32GB of RAM, but not enough people bought with 32, so they had to scale back. There’s definitely been other posts requesting it, though, so maybe the v5 will be back to supporting 32 gigs.

If the v5 does support 32GB, people had damned well better buy it, because that’s the only way it sticks around!

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I was also expecting that new version would support 32 gigs of ram…:frowning:

nothing to do with scaling back, was simply the case that the board best suited to our customization offered by our ODM had a single sodimm slot. We’re aware of how much customers would like dual channel ram and the ethernet port to return, and are hopeful to include those in the v5 products.