3D printed stand for desk

In Blender I created a Librem 5 stand for my desk. It holds the Librem 5 in 45° angle landscape or 71,5° portrait to put it behind keyboard. This way the display can be read much better. It can hold L5 in landscape mode and in portrait mode. In portrait mode you need to put your phone up-side-down to plugin USB-C, but I made it possible to reach buttons and all HKS easily (just rotate your screen). On landscape mode you can connect USB left or right - up to your preferences.

If you want to access headphone jack it’s only possible in portrait view without USB connected. Since this was not my use case I forgot to make it accessible via landscape. But I also released blend files, so you can edit it easily.

Here the files. (CC-BY-SA)


Very nice! :star_struck:
Could you maybe upload the stl file to Thingiverse? I will try to print it as well.

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You just can download them from the link under my photo. There is also a stl file. You’re free to upload it somewhere else (just reference me, please).


o7 Thank you sir. Will do.


Inner pocket is a bit tight; it might just be my printer.
Awesome print, thank you sir!


You’re welcome and thanks for sharing photo, too. It shows design much better than my old webcam junk could do.

The inner pocket is supposed to be a bit tighter to let the phone sit stable inside. I could give it 0,5mm more space, but that doesn’t really matter. The glass and the plastic of L5 will not be damaged by soft print material. Also I rounded the front edge of the pocket a bit. Left and right the pocket isn’t that tied to not scratch the color from metal (colors are soft materials too).

And as I said above, you can turn phone up-side-down to access usb. You’re still able to reach buttons and HKS. :slightly_smiling_face:

I used a better printer when I look at your printing lines (payed someone for doing this, not my printer). So this could also be a reason for your inner tightness. I calculated with 0,5% scope.


Hello sir,

Could you make another blend/stl file with 0.5mm more clearance in the inner packet please?
I don’t know how to use blender or make stl files >…<
After repeated use it does scratch the bezels a bit.

P.S. Do you have some website or blog you want me to add to the Thingiverse listing? Right now I just have your username and a link to the repo.

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That doesn’t sounds right. Seems I have to give some tolerance to fit difference printers. I gave 0.5mm more space and already updated files on git.

Currently I have no general public presence. I’m fine with how you made it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit @arvamircea:
The license is not GPL 2.0, but CC-BY-SA 4.0. Would be nice if you could to change this.


You’ve added the 0.5mm in the X axes right?
Sorry, I should have been more clear. I think the X dimension of the packet is fine, is the Y that is a bit too tight, the sides of the packet.
Also, PrusaSlicer is telling me that this new model is in meters, but usually 3D prints are in mm. I think the original STL file was in mm and worked beautifully.

Yep, I have change the license :3 (in only has CC BY-SA 3.0 as an option)


You’re speaking of scratching the color on metal? Give me some time, I will change a little other detail, too. That should help to prevent scratching if you don’t put it perfectly in.

The issue with measurement is that Blender translates it in a weird way to stl file. I have to move change the units for editing better and change it back to save it for printing purpose. On last upload I forgot it.


New version is released. Inner pocket should fit better now. It has 0,5mm more space in both directions, but more important I added bevels to the corner (which are pink and green on arvamirceas screenshot). This should improve the overall handling and prevent scratching color.

Just as hint (even if you know): plastic is still a hard material. Even if I improved my design, put in with care to prevent damaging color long term.


Last update: Version 1.4 is my final release. Thanks @arvamircea I got a great feedback-loop (via PM) to improve it, so that the inner pocket fits perfectly now.