4k hdmi on librem 13 and 15

Does anyone at puri.sm use qubes-os on a 13 or 15? the specs say 4k at 30hz out of hdmi. my current laptop, a system76 lemur7 does it too, but blanks randomly for a second at a time. the only resolution its stable at is 1080. tried 4 different 4k displays, and all gave me the same issue.

can anyone at purism confirm that a 4k external display works with either or both of the librem 13 or 15 without randomly blanking?

I’m using qubes on a librem 15v3 and have a 4k display connected via HDMI. There are no obvious issues with that setup, but the performance leaves a lot to be desired - fan spinning up a lot and slugish behavior. And that seems to be strongly correlated to whether the display is attached or not (however unplugging it in a running session gives only a small improvement compared to rebooting.

Without the 4k display the laptop gives a smoother experience, but needless to say it’s easier to work productively when you have 5 times as much screen real estate. I wonder if there is any chance that this could be improved on the driver side…

the HDMI ports on the v4 (and earlier) Librems are 1.4b, so limited to 30Hz at 4K/2160p. The Intel GPU is probably going to struggle a bit on the 15v4 with both internal and external 4K outputs going at the same time. And IMO, 30Hz is not adequate for anything other than watching film (24/25Hz) content, certainly not desktop use

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