4k high refresh-rate tvs/monitors to pair with Librem hardware

I’m buying a Librem 5, Librem 14, and Librem Mini. Are there any spiffy displays (even commercial signage) that don’t have mics/wifi (or have been shown to operate with them physically disabled) that would fit into the general philosophy of Purism?

What displays are you using now & what do you have your eye on? What other forums would be good to seek input from?

On a related note are there any routers (or their features) that should be avoided or sought out? I’m planning to operate the Mini in bridge mode and want to make sure I’ve got a solid foundation on that front.

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users help to protect each other by sharing information

Though I get the general upside the distributed adaptive firewall seems a bit anti-privacy.

Its opt-in, you turn it on and off in the router settings. I can’t make my mind up about it, personally.

I have the omnia as well and it also has built-in add-blocking as well (one can select if and if so, which add blockers to use).

I generally check Wikipedia first for any device I might be interested in buying. I head straight to the criticisms/controversies heading, if there is one. I also check to see where the company’s HQ is based, as there are several countries on my personal “banned” list.

Turris is based on openwrt

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