5+ month old kernel?

Why does PureOS still use Debian’s kernel from 8-8-2019, when the Debian current version is from 1-26-20
Debian has had 3 new kernel versions since PureOS updated last time
This is the reason why i haven’t switched from Debian yet
thanks for any comments

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How have you garnered that piece of information?

Does it matter whether you are amber (stable) or byzantium (rolling)?

I typed in “uname --all” in both debian and pureos
it gave me the dates and version numbers

So you’ve installed PureOS? Or liveboot?
Download link?

We have a stable distribution of PureOS called “Amber” and a rolling release called “Byzantium”. If you move to Byzantium you’ll get a newer kernel from February 2020. (Version 5.4.0-4)