500 gb m.2 (ngff) ssd

I received my Librem 15, and it is supposed to have a 500 GB M.2 (NGFF) SSD included. System installed itself on the hard disk, and doesn’t show the 500 GB. I opened up the laptop, but couldn’t identify the M.2 socket (NGFF socket holds WiFi card, I think). How can I find out if the 500 GB are present, and if yes, how can I make the system install itself on the SSD (which should speed up the boot process)?

Hi Stefan, they have been missing forum posts lately, you may wish to email this issue directly to ops@puri.sm
Hope it helps.

cheers, HS

Stefan, we apologize for not noticing your question earlier. If you still have problems, please mail us at support@puri.sm.

Harry, thanks for your help.


I had contacted PURISM and in the meantime have received the missing SSD. I installed it, and the BIOS recognizes it. However, up to no, neither preinstalled PureOS or UBUNTU from USB-stick show the disk, I keep working on that (any suggestions welcome). Will try PureOS 2.1 in the next days.


Stefan, is the disk recognized from BIOS? Also, please use PureOS 2.1, it has a number of fixes and driver upgrades.


yes, the disk is recognized by BIOS, and also parted shows it (it says “unrecognised disk label”, but gives the SAMSUNG information). So I think it is just a matter of partitioning it. PureOS 2.0 itself doesn’t seem to see it during boot-up and therefore the system will not install automatically on it. I will try PureOS 2.1 in the next days.


I managed to install PureOS 2.1 on the SSD.