5G Support on the Librem 5

Now that the first implementable 5G standard has been completed, and AT&T will have launched 5G nearly half a year before the Librem 5 is expected to ship, will it support 5G, or will it likely be delegated to version 2?

We want a device whose baseband can be freed later on.
This is a difficult task already so i would say going for 5g support without a SDR chip is making the above goal impossible. I’d love to be wrong here though.

personally I think that if there can be 5G is good but if it were not there I would not die :wink:

Me too. Can it be critically important for someone, for their jobs or smth? That would be a good question to ask.

I don’t even use 4G because it is a huge battery drainer, approx: ~12% faster my battery dies. So what I do, is forcing my phone to run on 3G only. Perfect for me :sunny:

Concerns about software freedom aside, to implement 5G comms inside this phone, we first need a 5G modem. I don’t know of any which are in production.

Providers are already running test networks so there has to be receiving equipment as well.

The existence of test networks doesn’t mean there is production grade baseband hardware available. They might just have been using prototype modems hooked up to laptops with a tangle of wires!

Qualcomm announced the X50 that will power end user devices in 2019’ Samsung Apple Huawei work on their own chips.
So a librem with a 5G Modem might be possible. If there is enough space