979 USD Purism discount voucher sale

Hi, i am in posession of a 979 USD Purism discount voucher ( no time limit ) after altering components of an existing order.

I would like to sell it for 700 USD (700 because you will be locked in to spending the voucher in purisms store, rather than being able to spend it on groceries or other services).

The safest method as far as i can tell is Paypal, should the code not work or if you think i have shirked my end of the deal, paypal allows chargebacks for a considerable time.
Upon payment i will forward the email with the discount voucher code to an email of your choosing and you can test that it is viable and genuine by making ,but not following through, with an order.

I have never done this before but i think this is the safest method.
I can be contacted here or via Email at Freerangehumanbeing@Protonmail.com

Thank you.
Jon Kovach.

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I have emailed support/customer service at Purism to make sure that this is in line with policy and past handling of discount vouchers.

If @Kyle_Rankin or someone else can verify that selling a store voucher is fine and that it is not locked to my personal identity or against some policy that would be great,otherwise i expect to fairly soon recieve clarification via email,as support tends to be quite fast.

I have been contacted by a potential buyer,but i want to be 100% certain that this is allowed,legit and that the discount code is not locked to my purism account/personal identity so they may in good faith make a purchase from me, and any purchase(s) they intend to from Purism.

Jon Kovach.

Hi, did you sell your voucher yet?