A christmas gift

any chance to have a tasty news about the phone before christmas?


a picture would be incredible! :smiley:

Hardware selection date is April 2018. In the mean time, it would be great to hear if Purism was able to make some progress on MX.8

Or SDK. After all hardware should have little (if at all) influence to desktop layout, especially with a goal to have it as a generic handset software stack. Would be beneficial to know what will be used as desktop shell, phone stack, messaging integration, etc. There must be already some prototype VM with core elements/components. Otherwise target date of Q4’18/Q1’19 is unrealistic.

For what I can tell, Q4/18 was never a target date. Start of phone shipments is anounced to be February 2019. Consult the Timeline section of https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5

According to this timeline production units will be Q3’18. Shipment means everything is 100% proofed and QA’d (which is Q4).

I think any kind of serious update on the project are welcome