A Classic ThinkPad style keyboard?

I have been using Thinkpad for the last 15 yrs, now I am on a mac for 3 yrs and I am still uncomfortable with the chiclet keyboard on my 2013 MBP.

I just wanted to know if there is any plan to have the Classic thinkpad style (mechanical keyboard? not sure what is the technical term for that, even the old Compaq also had similar keyboards). I don’t want the trackpoint.

Since I am assuming that some of the members on this forum are the engineers working on Librem. I have a question. Is it possible to have removable keyboards, so that it can easily changed based on customer preference at the time of purchase? What is the feasibility of this design change?

Privacy is my primary concern. I want to pay for hardware that I can control and will not spy on me or sell my data. Options are non-existent at the moment.


I would also love a classic “thinkpad style” style keyboard on a laptop that had better freedom options. the one issue i can see with offering one of those keyboards is that a keyboard that is that thick would not fit in a “low profile” style case. off the top of my head i think you would need to add 3/16 - 1/4 of an inch (5mm ?) I know for me that would be no big deal. I actually like the “clunkyness” of the X series laptops. yes the “air style” device are sleek but I really do like to at least have the option to use physical Ethernet without the need of using a dongle. As soon as i am working again i will start budgeting for a new laptop and a “real” Ethernet port is one of the things i want to not give up on.


Unfortunately, no to both. at least for the time being.

But is the classic keyboard in the future plan? I love and I know people like me who love it, but what percent of the users we are is something I am not sure about. Is there a demand classic keyboard?

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