A couple of install experiences


I thought the community might be interested in a couple of experiences I’ve had installing PureOS.

  1. In virtualbox on a mac.
    Since it comes in a live version I thought I’d try it out in a VM. On my mac, I have virtualbox installed that mostly looks after the few things I need windows for.
    Running the iso as live works fine.
    It persistently fails to install at partitioning the disk. Both using a direct install and from the live installer.

So I’m confused. Live works, but the install fails.

Ah, just tried again. It specifically doesn’t like dynamic disks. That’s worth noting somewhere.
(A bit odd, as the last debian install I did on virtualbox was fine with dynamic disks)

  1. Toughbook CF-19
    I went in a little prepared here, as I knew from playing in the Live that I had need of the (non-free) firmware if I wanted the wifi to work. I can take or leave that.

I used the Install option at the start of the disk, because a) that’s the method I’m most familiar with for other linux installs I’ve done, and b) based on 1.) above it worked just as well.

This installed fine up the point of selecting repository mirrors. I’m presented with a list of debian mirrors. None of the ones I normally use work, as they don’t have a “green” distro. But that shouldn’t be a surprise - as “green” isn’t a debian release. I eventually told the installer to skip that step. The installer helpfully put in the debian-security repos for “green” which surprise also don’t work.
What is surprising to me is that none of the repos offered are going to work. Having rummaged around, I found lots of suggestions that didn’t work and this: https://puri.sm/posts/bits-about-pureos/ which does. That repo should end up in apt/sources.list at the end of the install, otherwise the install is incomplete and while (fairly private) totally insecure because it has no way to update.

Some final comments.

  1. The link on https://pureos.net/download.html is for “PureOS 8.0 “Prometheus” Beta 1”. The ISO it downloads is pureos-8.0-live-amd64.hybrid.iso . Where does “green” come from?
  2. The Debian census page has PureOS and Purism. Is there enough of a difference to warrant two entries?

Right, now I’m over the install hurdle I’m looking forward to finding out what pureos is all about.

PureOS in Debian census page refers to an unrelated and discontinued distro. Purism refers to our PureOS. Live system install via Calamares installer is a preferred way to install PureOS onto your disk, debian installer will be removed.