A few questions regarding PureOS

I am considering installing PureOS for a non librem PC, but I have a few questions.

  • Does this OS have some GUI sandboxing application, such as sandboxie (which is for Windows)?
  • Does it have systemD?
  • What advantages does PureOS have over Ubuntu?

I don’t know that it’s exactly like sandboxie, but you could try firejail + firetools. You could also use a virtual machine for testing applications in an isolated environment.

I haven’t used PureOS but I’m pretty certain it uses systemd by default.

An advantage PureOS has over Ubuntu is that it only includes free/libre software and is endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. It also includes PureBrowser which is Firefox with some privacy and security tweaks.

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YEs true but to install and run an application in a sandbox environment it is not supported in GUI mode by firetools you need firejail for this.

Isn’t this the same for Ubuntu and majroty of other Linux distros?

I haven’t used firejail. I read about it awhile back and was merely making a suggestion.

No, the number of distributions including only free/libre software and endorsed by the FSF is actually quite few. See https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.en.html

all good :slight_smile:

I know that Mozilla started spying on some users in Germany, I hope the same can’t be done with PureBrowser, am I correct?

Is there any other advantage of using PureOS over Zorin OS as I am currently using Zorin OS?

What kernel version is it using currently?

Would you mind posting a reference link for that?

I don’t know the specific differences between Firefox and PureBrowser or what kernel version sorry.

I think one of the main reasons PureOS exists is to allow device specific customisation for the Librem products. I can’t tell you any more advantages than is listed on pureos.net but maybe someone else can give some more details.

Sanboxing: I not sure if Docker is what are you looking for…
SystemD: Yes it’s Debian based
Advantages: Like zero says, PureOS just run libre software

Also, have a look at some of the security enhancements implemented: https://tracker.pureos.net/T310


I believe it was this video as it was a while back since I watched what has happened. I don’t have headphones on me right now so I may have posted the wrong link.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can I download pureBrowser for another Linux distro?

Is it GUI by any chance?

maybe you can but it wouldn’t be called pureBrowser. it’s actually the default GNOME web browser - developed under the strict guidlines of gnome desktop environment. the fact that it is free software imposes some limitations. for example firefox has ublock origin and some other extensions that you can’t currently have on epiphany (pureBrowser)

what i mostly miss is the vertical bookmarks bar from firefox. i believe that purebrowser will be for the time beeing only suitable to the mobile librem 5 experience (but it runs well enough for desktop as well - you can’t use it for non-free javascript site payments - no paypal, and some other online-banking features )

free software expressed through the GPL is the highest moral/ethical/political statement in computing freedom but that also means that you pay for it … in a very real sense sometimes …

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Thanks for posting it.

I guess you could add the PureOS repo?

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No worries, that is why I have no respect for Firefox due to their practicies in general.

What is the ppa for it I believe ppa is for adding a repo for a Debian based system?

If you do add the repo you may want to add a policy to prevent using it for other things that may result in a frakenLinux. Just a thought.

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Hell will freeze over before Ubuntu ever gets an endorsement by the Free Software Foundation.


If you haven’t found it already, this link might be of interest to you, although, OpojOJirYAlG makes a good point.


If it’s your main system and/or you are not sure about what you are doing, you might want to instead experiment running PureOS in a virtual machine. Then you can safely test out Purebrowser etc. without messing up your system.

I have not tried it. Notice one of the options is Boxes, which allow one to run any application in a sandbox.

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