A nice Open-Source GPS navi app


I came across a pretty good street navigation app called Magic Earth

Apparently they’re in talks with the /e/ project about open sourcing their app code. It also relies on OpenStreetMap data and has some OSMand features I like such as locally caching maps for quicker search. Search isn’t perfect, but it’s loads better than OSMand. And navigation includes 3d. Just another one to check out!


Please remember that OSM is based on our collective efforts to improve map data. An easy way to add street numbers (among other things) is completing quests in StreetComplete (available from F-Droid):

This app finds incomplete and extendable data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as markers. Each of those is solvable by answering a simple question to complete the info on site.

I would love to see a similar app for the Librem 5!


Hey looks cool. I will try it later. But where did you find the information about them open sourcing the app?


The solution, of course, is to have bought your GPS receiver in 1998, before the concept of “big data” Granted, it may be missing a few features, but…


…but it isn’t that much of an inconvenience, really. Most of my travel is local, and I’m a pretty good navigator once I’m even somewhat familiar with an area.

For longer distance travel, I simply look up the destination address online before leaving the house, punch it into the GPS, and I’m off.

It does navigation and nothing else, which is all I want in a GPS.

That aside, I am excited to get my Librem 5 and run Pure Maps on it. It seems like it’ll be a fine solution, and bring the convenience of tech back to my life without the sacrifice of privacy.


Here you go:
Beta release info, look at the bottom for comment on Magic Earth
Wiki page including official statement from developer