A place for Software requests from community?

As I imagine having a new Librem 5… and I think of what I wish the software and OS tweaks would allow for… I wonder what is the best way for us backers/enthusiasts to communicate about software wishes and ideas, or to find a list of ideas others have have contributed?

Does anyone else see a use for that type of posting or page within a forum, accessible to us end users who do not have dev kits?

Two examples of software features I would ask for:

  1. Naptime… AKA Do Not Disturb, for X duration, with/without exception rule for ‘favorite contacts’ to be able to get thru. By phone call. Or only by SMS/MMS. Or Maybe silence only email? (A series of radio buttons could achieve this).

Please please please help users to have the ability to enable complicated GUI menus… unlike other phone manufacturers where things are so locked down such that even the dimmest person cannot be confused)


  1. An app not unlike Notificon (Android). Which allows users to set custom sounds/alerts per app (even overriding the default sound), as well as setting each app’s custom schedule for when notifications are allowed… (such as, friends can text me after 7am, but that game better zip it til 930am).

Imagine the possibilities when the OS isn’t dumbed down to the point that ‘we’ lose the ability to create complicated rules via GUI.

Leaves me wondering, do the software Devs have a place where ideas/brainstorms are gathered/shared/and expanded upon?

It would make for some more amazing features out of the gate if the community has a mechanism by which to request features.

Even a brainstorm scrawl wall, to inspire devs. Not so much to debate and overload devs with requests, but to help make the Librem 5 stronger out of the gate, with apps that a user like myself would even pay good money for.

Thank you.

Oh and 3) couldn’t an email app (or add on to an app) be set to filter email for certain parameters and alert accordingly. Not just unique sounds per sender… but even manage to decide which alerts to use based on keywords? (Aka if an email included the word emergency, and came from family, it could ring through during ‘Do Not Disturb’ periods…? Or if the words ‘Nigerian Prince’ and ‘bank’ appear, then it doesn’t bother alerting at all? Would be completely customisable per each user.)

If there is a place to even read about the software being developed, I would appreciate any leads that could direct me to those conversations.

Cheers, and be well.

I would also be willing to serve as a beta tester for developers, and would be interested in the opportunity to assist on brainstorming and stress testing. (Perhaps I need a kit to do this or could emulate a kit to some degree).

Good question.

Maybe something like a wiki can allow to keep a better overview.

[NB: I just made a related post concerning your email example Enabling Email-chat plugin in the chatty app anyone? , as far as I know the deltachat Email-chat frontend allows to customize the notifications for each “chat” (contact or group).]

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I think this forum software allows to have a sticky post (with wiki permissions) in a separate category like “phone feature requests”.

That could help to gather and organize the ideas.

Generally, I think the Contributing page in the developer documentation covers some of the points raised, though it doesn’t seem to discuss feature requests. However, progress on some applications can be found in the issues for the Apps_Issues repository.

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Thank You. An interesting series of pages that I had not seen. Like a front row seat to see development process, even for a non programmer.

Not sure how to input ideas… but without the ability to run a test board/kit myself, being a fly on the wall still beats just wondering.

Happy Holidays/New Year.