A question about Librem Chat and email file size limit and other things

I recently subscribed to the Librem One " Complete bundle" for $8 per month, mainly to support Purism, because of what they are doing. The phone is too damn expensive for me.

In this bundle there are email, chat and other things. What are the maximum file size limits for chats and email? What is the total storage limit?

Also, in my account it says, that Chat (and other services) will expire on 2020-11-12 (after a month), but the website said, that chat and social are free (under the Basic bundle). Will I loose access to chat in the future, if I for some reason no longer pay?

I believe file size is set to 10 meg. I asked this very question back when the service first started. I might be wrong and it is 15, but I’m pretty sure I was told 10.

I can’t answer the billing and free services question.

The SMTP server advertises a limit of “51200000” i.e. substantially more than what you are quoting but that doesn’t absolutely mean that lower limits are not enforced elsewhere.

The questions are best directed to Purism via support@puri.sm

Well I asked specifically about librem chat so you might be right on mail. But it would make since that email was also limited in a similar fashion as resources are finite.

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