About 'fund-your-app'


the idea is to ‘vote-with-our-dollah’ so please make it so that people have an easily accessible link on the right side of each ‘candidate’ for it’s purpose … maybe a website or a wiki with maybe a video demonstration …

people might be able to contribute financially to more ‘areas’ if they had an easier access to accurate descriptive information about what you guys will turn your attention to FIRST …

what i mean is this. i’ve used VLC and MPV on the DESKTOP before but maybe some people haven’t yet.

another one. ‘graphics acceleration’ < how exactly will this feel as an improvement over the current state ? i mean what state ? i don’t even have a friggin’ phone (L5) yet now do i ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a comparison of “with current graphics acceleration” vs “without”


Seems simple enough to me. Click what you want them to focus on, then choose an amount to donate. Done.

As far as what they’re going to turn their attention to FIRST, I don’t think they know yet because this only just started today.

Agreed, we need to know what each app is. “Password Safe” for example… What app is that exactly, where can I read what it does, what file format it uses, etc?

Also, how much of each donation is going to Purism vs going to the developers?


Raises a lot of questions:

  • As most people don’t have a phone yet, they don’t know what apps are completely missing and what apps are present but missing some functionality. At Day 1 when I get my phone, where are the gaps? I feel that having the phone and trying to use it as my daily driver will fairly quickly bring out the gaps that matter to me.
  • What are all of the apps listed on that page?
  • Is listing an app on the page an indication that it is a gap? For example, is it saying that at Day 1 there will be no email app? no web browser?


  • If I put $X towards app Y, and absolutely noone else puts anything towards app Y, and app Y is (reasonably therefore) never delivered, what happens to my $X?

Maybe this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Password_Safe however, as you say, we are left to guess.


Welcome to the Purism community!

I think Purism should be clarifying where “help us improve” applies and where “help us develop” applies. To be honest, without a phone to try the app, it is near impossible for me to know whether “help us improve” is helpful.

Maybe the app already has enough functionality for my needs and more features would just be bloat. Or maybe not.

Maybe the app already has enough functionality but it has rough edges and/or bugs, and could use some more love. Or maybe not.

The “help us develop” is clearer. If Purism is setting the expectation that the app will not come from Purism without an indication that people are interested, and dollars pledged to show a commitment to that interest, then that makes sense.

An app can of course come from the community if people prefer to show commitment that way.

I think you mean feature parity. Or maybe you really do mean parody. :smile:

Still, I am not expecting a mass of apps at Day 1. I am realistic about where the phone will be at Day 1.


I fully agree, the description of the campaign somehow lacks a bit detail. Also, there are many apps listed, which are actually developed by external developers (e.g. Pure Maps). How are those funded? Does the campaign fund Purism and purism employees help with the development (or provide hardware) or is the funding forwarded to the developer? In case it funds Purism and not the main developer, it should at least state this and provide a link to the main developer as well. Otherwise I would find it misleading…


I don’t understand the difference between Librem chat and Element or between Librem social and Mastodon as they are rebranded fork.

Why Fractal is not on the list? It’s a native GTK Matrix client whereas Element is a web or Android app.


First of all I think it’s cool that purism launched this idea.

  1. It helps to know what people really need - even if you invest / donate 1 € in the apps you need, this vote is probably more accurate than thousand of posts in a forum which is the most important app (and there are a lot of threads of this)
  2. The most important apps are known and will be there which also helps the plattform
  3. There is some extra money for the company
  4. It’s visible to everyone which is the top priority

What I don’t understand or what might be improved still is:

  • Apps which should already be working are included while official campaign partners like nextcloud (for contacts, calendar, file sync, passwords, …) are missing
  • Propietary apps where is to my knowledge not even a simple linux build are classified as “native apps” - like e.g. Whatsapp - does this mean that Purism will provide a Linux version of whatsapp or is native not so native as described above as anbox to me is a local emulator.
  • I also would vote element to the front, but I thought that purism would integrate complete matrix functionality into the telephone app of the phone.
  • by the way is librem chat the telephone app? if not, is it missing? rather unusual for a phone…

Seeing the priority after the first day I think the outcome it pretty good.


The support folks have been busy compiling a list of apps and third party apps that should give an idea of how well various apps are working and what more needs to be done to them. It may also help people decide where developer attention needs to be focused. :smile:


Because it is nice, but in my opinion in the light of the goals of Purism not ready.

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A “ready” app has not its place in this program as I understand it.


My proposal: let’s get the phones delivered, see what works on it. Then see the apps delivered with it. Anything crucial missing? Let convergence play. Then there are all these linux programers out there. And at the end: third party developpers should be allowed to close the gaps and sell their solutions in the purism app store.
And Purism should rather work on their hardware than launch such kind of fund raising campaigns. I am confused.

Is it a mistake that WhatsApp has a blue point (native) instead a red point (external) ?
Does it really mean we have the source of an WhatsApp client ?
Or does it mean the protocol between WhatsApp Client and Server is documented somewhere ?


Quiet true…

I’m a bit torn. I like the idea that I could direct support to a good cause but at the same time it’s not done in a very clear way. Some of my questions were made by others already.

  • What would we get if we didn’t support some app right away?
  • What would we get with X or Y amount? What is a goal and how do we know it has been achieved?
  • How about a limit/minimum amount that guarantees something?
  • Can we option for limited versions (not all features needed) or only for a version where all or certain features work?
  • How are these prioritized - by amount, popularity, hours of work (quick fixes or big projects), ease of work…?
  • How long is this campaign to last - is this a permanent thing?
  • Why not code bounty or similar existing site where others might also contribute? (I’m ok with Purism answering this that some of these are what they want to do and like are only ones that can do)
  • If taken a very dim view, someone cound say this campaign is a very bad example of Purism trying to blackmail more money from people who have already ordered their phones: “give us more or your apps may not work and we may not develop them”. How is this not?

And how do I get a new feature on the list (not quite app)? I want to pay for “Malform” advanced login options and could also give money for location obfuscations layer (user defined “noise” on how accurate the location info is). These are more like phone features (also add a new category specific for security enhancements - it kinda used to be a priority to Purism)?
Also, I can apparently only get a suggestion done after I pay (?) which makes it a bit hard to campaign for it or prioritize.
More suggestions: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/eu.faircode.xlua/ and MAT https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/doc/mat/ (with GUI/CLI of course). Camera app in general but with some pro features?


I like this (don’t get me wrong on account of my previous message) but should these be separate pages? In that, I’d like to vote separately on the priority and such and place money separately. There may be some apps I don’t want to support and see as wasteful or may want to prioritize by category or app type (like, there are several apps that do similar things and advancing any of them is good).

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Well, that’s exactly why I want to support it! Most of the items in the list are not ready, that’s why you are supposed to donate money to them!

Also, that wiki page is outdated and links to metaolm as the matrix backend for Fractal. A few months ago they decided to drop that project and instead replace the matrix backend with the common matrix-sdk.

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And the MR to integrate matrix-rust-sdk is under review: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/fractal/-/merge_requests/626

This will facilitate the support of encryption.

I don’t understand why there should be a fund to improve the battery life of the phone, or to support hardware acceleration. This should be out of the box, this is what I have paid for a few years ago, and if I knew it would not be the case, I would think before funding the Librem 5.

I do understand the proposal to make funds to integrate apps by the Purism team, but for the integrity of the phone, it escapes me completely.