About main kernel

i’ve read the latest news and i like to read about the project, so thanks for write the news
i have a question about the mainline kernel
what do you mean? as i know debian take the released kernel and deblob it, are you using the debian main kernel or the linux one (wich have binary blobs)?

I am happy that you appreciate our write-ups :wink:

Since we are running on an embedded platform which requires some specific drivers and settings I am currently rolling my own kernels from mainline Linux but I do not build any kernel included firmwares nor do I include them into the kernel image. So I can assure to you that this kernel we are running (as of today 4.13.5) is “blob-free” - 100% pure free software :slight_smile:

Later in the process we will most likely use a Debian built and packaged kernel. But for now and for development I’d like to keep development cycles short and easy, and a “make LOADADDR=0x18000000 -j3 uImage” does serve me well for now.



i enjoy these write-ups alot even if i’m not a technician so keep writing it please :blush:

thanks for your reply and for what all the purism crew do about freedom and free software