About: What is Nostr

A protocol that purism should consider working with. See the apps build on it


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I never thought that Mastodon went far enough to fix the problem. This is a good comparison:


Nostr seems worse to me than secure scuttlebutt. For example, in Nostr, posts from your friends can be silently hidden (censored) without your knowledge. In secure scuttlebutt, as long as you have a more recent post from your friend, posts cannot be silently hidden, because posts are cryptographically chained together.

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Seems like many of the more corporate-types love nostr, which is a huge red flag in my book. It promotes itself as “censorship resistant”, but the technology actually seems built for censorship instead. Nodes can freely and silently drop posts from your profile, so nostr makes censorship easy.

The hype around nostr reminds me of the hype that once existed around signal messenger, and I’m not falling for it again. I think people should ask themselves, do they like nostr because of design choices made in the project or because of marketing that sounds good?

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Spammer can be filter out by user. Is not like smtp relay.Its an open relay with filter option.

But relays can also choose to block delivery of messages or block specific accounts completely, regardless of the wishes of the subscribers to those messages and accounts.

I think that the relays are intended to be operated by anyone with access to cheap cloud computing resources (probably only $5 a month for low traffic ones). With IPv6 and the eventual death of NAT, relays could also be operated at home. If there were censorship, it could be bypassed by creating new relays.

The feature of detecting censorship seems to come at a cost of running a blockchain on your phone. Not exactly practical.

You can run the relay server on startOS (pure os version) https://store.start9.com/products/server-pure at home and run nostr client connected to home server. nostr is do no use blockchain. blockchain is for shitcoiners Bitcoin is the only timechain. Blockchain is shitcoiners buzzword and have nothing to do with nostr. What iam concern about is interledger association(and purism). But i see how it evolves.

Nice video explaining the history of development of nostr



You can build your own relay with your own rules.