AC Adapter Issues


So far the Librem 13 v4 is a pretty decent laptop. Been trying out Debian instead of PureOS for a while, but may give an updated PureOS distro a shot when I got some time…

I wanted to ask about AC adapter issues.

Right now, when I plug in the laptop, sometimes the AC adapter will disconnect (even though physically it still appears plugged in) and cause the battery to drain. I even make sure to carefully shove it back in to make sure there is a connection, unplug and plug it back in, all of that, and yet the battery will still be drained!

After about a few minutes the adapter may, or may not, work back to normal again. At first it was a little irritating, but now I realize how bad of a problem this is if I want a fully working laptop.

A couple things that I’ve noticed is that there is a small crack and nick in the corner of the AC, which barely exposes this green light inside, and also, after a few minutes of plugging in, there is high pitched coil whine that I can only hear when I put my ear up to it. Keep in mind that I carry this around in my backpack every time I want or need go out with my laptop. Would this damage cause it to stop working over time?

I checked the adapter’s continuity and voltage with a multi-meter from the plug to the unplugged “Mickey Mouse” pinouts, and was able to find that the ground pin and one of the regular pins was bad, yet the final one was good (can’t remember if it was hot or neutral that was bad). But anyway, yeah, it’s annoying…

So far, looks like the adapter is $60, I am wondering if I have any warranty support from Purism to get it replaced? I am still paying monthly payments for a year, and that year still hasn’t ended when I first purchased in January. Should I just try buying a new adapter, or can I get a free replacement?

Thank you for any help at figuring out what the problem is. Seems like I got a bad adapter, or I damaged it too much. I guess I will contact support later about this! :slight_smile:

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I would definitely just email - there have been a few other reports of faulty AC adapters.

@taylor-williamc is giving good advice. My AC cord went bad–no more continuity showing on a meter–and Purism replaced the whole unit without question. It was not the same type as the original, but I did not have to purchase another.

Hi @mrrhq ,

If you haven’t done so already, please send an email to with your purism order number and describing the situation with the AC adapter.