AC Adapter plug for Australia

The Librem configuration options for the AC Adapter power plug include EU, UK, US.

My understanding is that none of those work for Australia. What plans do Purism have to offer power plugs for Australia on Librem orders?

Any update on this from Purism? I too would like the option of ordering with an Australian AC Adapter plug.


We will investigate this with our supplier and report back.


Unfortunately, we won’t be having this in our store any time soon.

why not put a link on the store to where the needed power cord can be purchased?

A quick search:

It does not convert voltages, though.

By the way, there’s a real mess in the socket standard:, I don’t see how it’s possible to support all of those.

The UK uses 240V AC, just like Australia. You can use a travel adapter in Australia without issues. I also live in Australia but am from the UK and will be purchasing the UK power brick and using a travel adapter.