Access Card Reader from Amazon with Malware

Fully Compatible with DOD Military USB Common Access Card (CAC)! Download Windows, Mac & Linux drivers from company website!

Still available on Amazon.


I believe some military online services (personnel records, portals, etc.) use CACs for authentication/access purposes from home computers. And they’re used inside military/government facilities for secure access and signing into computers, of course, by military and contractor personnel.

(The referenced tweets, via privacy-friendly Nitter.)

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I wonder whether it works plug-and-play with any version of any operating system.

If it were me, a device that says that it does not require drivers but doesn’t work plug-and-play would get returned to Amazon. (However at that price, Amazon may well refund you without requiring the device to be returned.)

Here’s your actual product link: (but DON’T BUY unless you are prepared to contend with malware)

I wonder how many US government employees and contractors are currently compromised by this. I would think that the US government needs to start auditing that urgently.

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One would be too many.

…and potentially infect any military/government systems you’re authorized to connect to with data-exfiltrating malware.

You’d think we would have learned from the massive OPM data breach, among many, many others.

P.S. Someone posted the Ramnit html bits in this tweet:

Back in the day, I was issued a CAC card reader for home use.

When I retired, I had to turn it in. Just like a weapon. (About 17 years ago.)