Access CardDAV account in Settings:Online Accounts

Is there a way to access a CardDAV server (I happen to be using Radicale on my local machine) using the Settings:Online Accounts panel? All I can see are commercial services (Google, Facebook, etc.) and if I click “…” I see options for IMAP/SMPT but no CardDAV (nor, relatedly, CalDAV).

Based on this thread, it seems the best options are to add it to Thunderbird or Evolution

Yes, those are good options. I can say from practical experience that Evolution PIM supports CalDAV and CardDAV.

Thanks. I have been using Thunderbird with the CardBook extension to get access to CardDAV; CalDAV access is integrated. I had just seen that the laptop includes a “Contacts” application which appears to use the Settings:Online Accounts to get access outside the local contact list. It appears there is no simple way to have it connect to a CalDAV account.

There is syncevolution and some other tools in PureOS that may help. Here’s the description for syncevolution;

Sync personal information data via SyncML/CalDAV/CardDAV (CLI)
SyncEvolution synchronizes contact, calendar and task items via SyncML and
CalDAV/CardDAV with other servers or devices. It uses the Evolution Data Server
to sync PIM data in Evolution, but a plain file storage is also supported.
Data exchange can happen via HTTP(S) and Bluetooth. Full, one-way and
incremental synchronization of items are supported. SyncEvolution can act as
a SyncML/DAV client and SyncML server.

There is a patch for GNOME Online Accounts to have a CardDAV ability on the backend, so if you were to point it at an account, say Gmail, you should be able to import contact info. I have not tried this however.

I found importing calDAV or cardDAV into Evolution populated the Calendar and Contacts apps in Gnome as well.

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