Accessing Librem 5 Desktop

I have a Raspberry Pi that I access using VNC Viewer from my laptop. I plan to do the same with Librem 5. Could there be a better way to access Librem 5 Desktop without hooking it to a monitor?

Unlock it.

Until customers have the L5, it is going to be difficult to answer but …

  • The L5 may not recognize a remotely accessed desktop as ‘desktop mode’ unless you do special tricks. That would need to be tested.
  • VNC may not be secure. Were you planning on doing this over the local network only (safe enough) or also over the internet?
  • I do a fair bit with my fleet of Raspberry Pi computers directly using SSH. That may not suit everyone or suit every activity.
  • Raspberry Pi computers tend to be on mains power and hence don’t power save. Your L5 may not be on mains power and in any case may power save, and that may impact on the possibility of remote access via any mechanism.
  • In some cases it may be possible to access the files that are on your L5 from another computer and to operate on those files remotely, which may give a superior result.

What specifically were you thinking of doing?


@kieran as I see it the Desktop mode is not really required during daytime when on-the-go. The idea is to use it at home when the phone is set to charging and then carrying out experimentation etc. Since this activity would be mostly at home so I guess VNC Viewers should serve the purpose. I wanted to know if there exists a better solution than using VNC as it requires a VNC server running on the phone and a client to connect to it

We’ll have to wait and see i.e. try it out.