Accessories for Librem 5

Having just taken advantage of the sale, I can’t believe the deal.

Are there things like cases, screen protectors etc available? I didn’t see these on the Purism site.


No official phone cases.

Accessories (Phones) – Purism

If you are outside the US, it might be that your highest priority accessory should be a spare battery (since aviation rules make it difficult to impossible to ship a battery on its own). The OpenPGP card and the USB-C hub (dock) may also be of interest.


Purism’s website has all the “available” accessories. In regard to the case, if you search this forum, there are several posts related to making a DIY case. I specifically got the dimensions from this forum, went to a 3D printing website that I cannot recall but which is in the thread, had them print me a case, and it all worked great. There were some specific material you have to use though, or you will get a case where the plastic is not pliable enough (ask me how I know).

One of the cool (frustrating) things about the Librem 5 is that you have to be willing to adapt and think-outside-the-box a little. To me, that fits the what I perceive to be the standard Linux ethos. Figure it out. The sky is the limit. As well as an inverse, sometimes.

Enjoy the phone it is a whole different world from the other major players.


I definitely recommend a screen protector.
They scratch pretty easily, but better the protector gets scratched than your actual screen.

There is (was?) a third party selling L5 screen protectors, but when I last looked, they were the same price as from the Purism store after shipping (USA). Better the money goes to Purism anyways.

I also recommend a large microSD card if you’re like me and want extra storage on your tiny new GNU/Linux PC in your pocket.




The USBCereal it is a fancy Librem 5 accesories too.

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Thanks for the replies. The phone is sort of a toy at this time, it was too good a price to pass up. But I’ll chase up the recommendations here