"Activities" menu has disappeared from Pureos 8.0 desktop (top, left)

While i was tinkering with desktop settings.

Luckily, i could access (and launch) Firefox via “home” icon

How can i restore “Activities” menu on the desktop ?
How can i avoid being dependent on “Activities” ?

The only way I know to disable activities menu it’s with a Gnome Shell extension, did you install any extension?

I like to work like that, activities menu is useless for me, if you push meta key (purism key) and write the app’s name is faster, it’s the same than use “home” icon.

I may have installed a Gnome shell extension, I’m not sure

I’m in the habit of tinkering with settings, options …everything - no matter how little i know about it (most of the time)

I guess i need to do things slower

Open GNOME Tweak tool and check what extension you have enabled.

I’ve just got a new Librem 13 today, and the Activities menu is already a pain in the butt - half the time, it doesn’t respond to mouse clicks. I replaced the gdm with xfce4 and so far things are working out more smoothly.