ActivityWatch on Librem 5

I am one of the maintainers of the open-source digital time-tracking application ActivityWatch.
I have since the end of March when I received my Librem 5 used ActivityWatch on my device and it has worked very well.

The porting process was easy since it already supported Linux and has a mobile web-ui with mobile support (from Android).
The only thing I had to do was to compile it on the Librem 5 and then create an autostart entry for the watcher which tracks the windows and whether the user is afk. Then I made a shortcut to the web-ui from gnome-web to easily access it in the app drawer.

However, I have yet to package it. I don’t think a flatpak will work because it needs permission to autostart as well as the ability to use the wlr-foreign-toplevel-management wayland protocol which I’m not sure if that’s accessible inside a flatpak container.
Some day I might create a .deb package, but I have yet to get around to that. There’s been work on this before, but it’s outdated and not finished

Pretty much just wanted to show it off and say, thanks Purism for creating a device which is so free and easy to work with! :slight_smile:
The android port has taken a very long time to develop while this port I could do in a couple of hours.


Nice. (I had to look up “afk,” though. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Are you old enough to use this device…? :slight_smile:

That probably goes out of use with touch eventually. The history of that acronym is interesting… Back in the day, being away from key board meant you didn’t have the board you used under the stone tablet to chisel the letters of your instant (in a day) message. And sometimes if we had no hammer, we facepalmed it (placing your palm on the chisel softened the blows you made with your forehead). :older_man: :older_woman: :keyboard: :hammer_and_pick:

What’s the current alternative? “Forced (to) separate from screen for (a) sec” - fsfsfs?

… back to the topic:
I don’t suppose that app has any way to combine power stats?

Unfortunately not, since it does not track power consumption or resource usage for any apps. It only tracks window title+app by default and has extensions for browser and code editors.