Adamd's experience with Linux phones


I assume that this guy is in the US?

So his basic three pain points are: 1) lack of VoLTE 2) manual camera settings 3) rate at which battery drains. There is hope in all three of those areas. And his favourite point is: docked operation.


Seems a reasonable assumption. One of the photos taken was specifically called out as in Maine which is a US state. Though I guess he could have been traveling, most people in my experience, tend to take photos like this of known relatively nearby locations.

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Whoops, yes, I knew that.

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This guy seems already obsessed with the Google-OnePlus 6. :joy:

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irvinewade was correct. I am in Portland, Maine, USA.
carlosgonz was incorrect. My OnePlus 6 is degoogled. I use


:joy: okay.

I assume you changed your name at the forum :wink:

I created an update post :


Social works but appears to have no local timeline.

That’s intended and how it works from the very beginning. Librem Social runs a forked version of Mastodon that has no local or federated timeline and no direct messages - you only see content that you opted in to receive.

Don’t hold me accountable for that since I haven’t followed the development too close, but I heard that some improvements for blocking features in upstream Mastdodon have been developed as part of work on Librem Social out of that principle :slight_smile: