Adapter support 220V and 50Hz

Before I am going to order products to Thailand(220V 50Hz)
US 120V 60Hz
UK 230V 50Hz
German(EU) 230V 50Hz

How to pick my adapter for Librem 13?

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I’m pretty sure the adapter works world wide. You either just need an end adapter or the plug specific for your region. The adapter is 110 to 240v and 50 and 60Hz compatible.


A lot of (non-desktop) computers these days come with universal voltage AC/DC adapters.

If you are lucky the AC/DC adapter also has an IEC plug/socket on the AC side. Hence all you need is a power cord that has an appropriate plug on the wall side (appropriate for your location) and an appropriate socket/plug on the adapter side (appropriate for the adapter).

However this would seem to be information that is lacking. That I could find, none of the FAQ, technical specs, or documentation covers this. Crying out for textual information and/or a picture!

My Librem 13v4 came with a 110-250V /50/60Hz power adapter. That’ll probable work in most places. The power cable to the adapter has an IEC 60320 C5/C6 connection. That should solve the rest. Here’s the link to the standard


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Thank you very much for your answer

Thank you. I have never get abroad from Asian to EU or US. Then I don’t know the detail of it

I heard that Thailand uses both US and EU style plugs.

For products that are not world-voltage compatible, you would need to choose the EU plug. 220V is close enough to 230V that most 230V 50Hz appliances will work on 220V 50Hz.

But because people are saying the adaptor is world-voltage compatible (110-250V 50/60Hz) then you can choose based on the type of sockets you want to plug it into.

Unless they are world-voltage compatible, appliances with a US plug are normally for 120V 60Hz only, but in Thailand I believe they are used with 220V 50Hz!

Pick this one:

Image of my personal adapter below:

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@patch @Richard Thank you for sharing :+1: