Add black border around L5 Display on monitor possible?


I had been trying out my dock hub (bought from the PureOS online store) and unfortunately the resolution display bleeds outside the borders of the screen. This is why I require the black border to keep the resolution in the screen (similar to the same issue with the raspberry pi); but I’m worried that it may have the same effect on the phone display as well.

If it is possible (and if achieved the same way to fix this issue on the pi) without doing the same to the phone display or if there is a better, more appropriate method to use, please let me know.

Thank you

At the moment it’s not possible.

Here’s a wlroots issue that would have to be sorted out first before we can implement it in phoc:

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Are you hooked up to a TV as opposed to a monitor? Some TVs have an option for “computer” or to turn off overscan in the settings. Try and see if you can solve it through the TV itself

I have tried looking for that but unfortunately I’m unable to find it in the options menu :frowning: