Add-on installation from fails


Hello guys,

I am using PureBrowser 52.8.0 on PureOS 8.0 Beta 1 (2018-04-26).

I would like to install several Add-ons from, for example uBlock Origin.

But when I open the page it says “Only with Firefox-Get Firefox Now”.

I tried Mladen’s workaround and switched Firefox’s Compat Mode on but without success.

I would appreciate any help.

Regards from Germany,


One thing you may wish to try is to search directly for extensions from the Extensions panel rather than from ‘Get Add-ons’. I found this works better for some reason. (This also cuts down on the all the extraneous add-on information one must navigate on Mozilla’s site.) To be clear: From the ‘Open menu’ stack icon, select Add-ons->Extensions and use the ‘Search all add-ons’ box in the upper right.

I installed uBlock Origin and uMatrix this way, in addition to a few other privacy add-ons.

Viel Glück!


Thank you, @Wayne. It works perfectly! :+1: