Adding Favourites Tab in Calls application

I use iPhone and in process to shift to using Librem 5 full time. I noticed the Phone calls application (I am not sure what is it called in iPhone) has a ‘Favourites’ tab along with the other three present in the Librem 5’s Calls application. It is very handy and avoids searching through entire Contacts list.

Questions, would it be possible to get an additional ‘Favourites’ tab in Calls on Librem 5? Also, there should be an option in the ‘Contacts’ to add it to the Favourites tab.

Has anyone tried and got the additional tab? if so, how was it done?


I think what you are looking for is solved through the star* in the contacts app. All the ones you star in your contacts show up at the top of the list in Calls

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Thank you @ASwyD2 , that was helpful. Although it is not like to like (I wasn’t expecting one) but it is what I had been looking for.

Another question, how to increase the font size of the displayed list of names and phone numbers in Calls app?

It does not seem possible at the moment: Ctrl + + and the GNOME Tweaks method does not work. Attempting to increase the font size using GNOME Tweaks will only increase the Dial Pad boundary, requiring you to revert the font size value and restart the Librem 5.