Additional costs for shipping to Germany


so the german keyboard is available, and I would like to order Librem 13 which cost $1,787 (German Keyboard, 16 GB, and M2 SSD). Since it is not cheap at all, I need to plan the additional costs for the purchase.
I would like to ask to anyone who has already ordered the Librem laptop and shipped to Germany.

  1. How much many I have to pay for the customs cost and taxes?
  2. How long did it take from the day you order until you get the device? Based on this post, it can takes 3-4 weeks.

Thanks in advanced.

  1. You need to check this with your country’s customs (try searching online).
  2. Products page clearly states: Ships from inventory (5-10 business days),
    while quantities last, plus the time for the package to arrive to Germany (I am not sure about this, I would say 7-10 days), plus sometimes it can be held in customs.

Hi @why2,

I can’t say for Germany, but in France you are very likely to have to pay the VAT. I believe as neighbours and members of the EU the case is very similar in Germany.

I believe you are looking for this page in order to calculate the customs fees.

Thanks for the replies @mladen and @thib!

After my search in internet, it seems that I need to add the price with the import tax 19% only.
Which means: 1,787 USD -> approx. 1,452€. Then 1,452€ * 1,19 = 1,727.88€.

So the additional cost is about 276€ :frowning:. It is quite high. Correct me if I’m wrong.

hey @why2
19% from the price you pay. You pay $1787 thus 19% out of $1787 equals $339.53, thus the total cost would be 1787 + 339.53 = $2126.53

Wondering if Purism could ship from Germany as well (or maybe some other EU country), anytime soon since their manufacturers (or resellers) are located there.

Just look how ridiculously high are these VAT taxes:


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@why2, you can buy from here:

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Speaking numbers, for the same build as the OP mentioned, one saves $129 if buying from meaning that you anyway pay $210 more than people in US pay which is still better. Not complaining, just doing the math.

Thanks @mladen and @anon10067017 for the information!

The EU VATs are insanely high :frowning:. I thought the German VAT is the highest in the EU. I don’t know why they have different import taxes that is very high if the electronic stuffs nowadays are mostly produced in China.

Yes, I think I’ll order from However, the shop still sells the US keyboard layout. I’ll wait for the German keyboard then.

No problem. :slight_smile:

May be a miscommunication between the two. I’d better ask someone from Purism if they can confirm on that.

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Check their website again. I’m able to see the DE keyboard option for order as of this moment. Happy hacking!

Just chiming in to clarify a few things… two weeks ago I ordered mine. Back then, the DE layout was not listed at, ironically :wink:

@anon10067017 Cost is just about the same. As of today’s exchange rated, I’d pay 1675€ (taking VAT into account), vs 1667€ at Sidenote: high VAT is not per-se ridiculous. Always depends on how it is balanced with e.g. income taxes.

Possible disadvantage for US orders: $75 extra for shipping insurance (I skipped)
Possible disadvantages for floss-shop: less configuration options, rather pessimistic delivery promise of 5 weeks.

About delivery speed:
2018-02-28: order receipt
2018-03-08: Purism shipping note
2018-03-12: Frankfurt
2018-03-13: customs entered
2018-03-xx: … boy, I’m so excited - can’t wait :grinning:
2018-03-19: customs passed
2018-03-20: delivered

I’d hope that at some point in the future there will be one European reseller (as already announced for the Librem 5), just because it makes sense, especially when needing a repair or stuff like that. And because it makes sense, I’m confident Purism already has plans in that direction :wink:


Good points. I’d also love to see the price lowered, if buying from the European store (since we are in Europe). I’d guess it’s caused by the fact that the reseller takes some commissions or smth…:thinking: