Additional thermal pads

I installed thermal pads between the body and the copper tubes. This gave me the perfect temperature. The processor heats up slowly, cools faster, and the fan makes less noise. I can also warm my feet in a cold room.

Why didn’t the manufacturer use them? Maybe I’m missing something?

P.S. I used 0.5 mm thermal pads and removed part of 0.5 mm quads on fan body.


This is very interesting, could you please share the details? (For example, pictures of the pads and the internal assembly.)

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I do not want to disassemble it again, so I’ll show you the picture.

I bought a thermal pad 35х35х0.5 mm. Divided it into 3 parts. And placed as shown by the red rectangles.
After assembling the thermal pads barely touched the body, so I removed the squares indicated by the yellow crosses. They were pasted in 2 layers and I removed 1 layer.


Do you have a link to the thermal pads you purchased?

I bought it at a local store. You can use any thermal pad, the main thing to match the thickness. Also, I advise you to first try to install something 0.5 mm thick to make sure that the distance between the copper tube and the housing is 0.5 mm or slightly less.

Pro Legend PL4200