Adjusted L14 lead time in the shop

Shipping estimate for L14 was raised in the shop to 12 weeks.
Ah, the optimism… :grin:

More like 20+ weeks. It’s been 18 for me so far.

FWIW, when I ordered it on 1 May, it was advertised to be 8 weeks.


Interestingly, the shipping estimate for L5 USA has not changed. Still 6-8 weeks. For me, 10 weeks and counting.

This may have some explanation. Perhaps Purism uses a different calendar. With slightly longer weeks :slight_smile:

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They might have found a way to do near-lightspeed processing, but we common mortals do only notice the time dilation :smile:

Well, hoping the root cause is what they said, “ball and supply chain issues,” and nothing more nefarious, but I no longer see the Products and Availability table advertised at the bottom of each product page.

If it is a funding issue, it’s hard to justify at the same time that you’re advertising how many millions you’ve raised in the past several months.

If it’s delayed due to the handful of issues reported here in the forums, then just say so. That’s fine. I’d rather wait until those known issues are ironed out rather than having to deal with them myself.

Otherwise, the only group slower to deliver is the government. “Things that make you go hmmmm …”

The FBI’s Operation Trojan Shield: Infiltrating Criminal Groups through their Phones