Advanced call blocking features on the Librem 5 - Question for already owners

Hi there!

My own Librem 5 is still in the “pipeline”, but before I throw an OS image in a virtual machine and look for myself, maybe some already owners of it could help me here.

I think we all know the problem of unwanted calls (of all kind). What would be totally cool (but lacking to my total disbelief) is a feature which just blocks all incoming calls from numbers which are not in the address book of the phone.

Android does not allow this, iOS neither. The only option is to silence unknown numbers, but not to completely block them in advance (yeah, that’s my workaround…).

Sooo, the Librem 5 is my only hope.

Could any owner or other one with knowledge here maybe enlighten me? Is this possible?

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The L5 doesn’t have that capability currently, at least not in pureos-amber. I don’t know about pureos-byzantium.

Edit: But someone with the right skills could probably create that functionality. :slight_smile:


hackersgame was doing something in this direction:


Great! Thanks @rinokeros. At least that’s what I was hoping for. Maybe the feature isn’t “directly” available, but the phones system allows to make something which does it. Or even cooler as this looks to me.

Well, that’s the advantage of an open system.


Just wanted to add: Having an IVR system with choices to be made before the call gets through is cool for sure, but in most cases indeed “real” humans call me (seems the pay rates in these call centers are still low enough).
So, a real “phonecall firewall” would indeed be nice.

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Allowing only calls from numbers you have on your contact list? that sounds like a brilliant idea to me. calls from numbers you dont know can be such an intrusive thing, not limited to marketing calls.
Im sure its possible to develop it for L5 and perhaps is not that difficult, the magic of libre technologies.

The only challenge with that is people who show up as “unknown number” because the caller has suppressed the caller id. Now you may say that it serves the caller right in that case - but if the boot were on the other foot, Librem 5 owners are the type of people who might like to suppress the caller id.

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Thats what brought me to the site today. Is there a feature in Librum5 to block caller-id ? Often times, I’ll call a company for support on thier product, but they capture my phone # and either spam me with robo-calls or worse, sell my contact info so that others will then spam me with other robo-calls.

At present, no.
But in North America we have *67, which blocks your caller ID when prefixed to the dialed number:*67

e.g. dial as *675556661234

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ha ha…your right, I forgot about that little feature.
Thank YOU !

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And I think there are similar codes in other regions of the world.