[Advice] Good Power Cable Adapter for for Librem 13 & 15

If you want to replace a broken power cable:
Purism is using this power cable:
Delta ADP-65JH BB with output 19 volts at 3.42 Amps.

Search for “ADP-65JH BB” on Ebay and you can buy a cable for around 10 USD.

Purism want’s 59 USD in the shop… no joke!
(Don’t tell me the price of the power cable is so high for social purpose)

My Advice is to buy the notebook used from ebay with no upgrades.
And if you buy it in the shop: take no upgrades!
All items you can buy separately for less money, especially used.

I don’t like buying cables if I don’t know where they’ve been or how many time it’s been tripped over and yanked across the room.

You keep posting in multiple threads telling people that Purism’s products are overpriced and not worth the money, because the hardware can be found cheaper elsewhere.

People are not here to buy cheap. Most people here know that what Purism is doing takes money - setting up supply chains, designing, procuring, and assembling hardware, as well as writing and providing software. This money does not come from selling the software, since it is all open source and freely available (with the caveat of Librem One, but you can of course utilize all the software in Librem One for free with different servers. Subscribing to Librem One is just another way of supporting Purism).

Since the software does not automatically make money, the money must come from hardware. Beyond just selling the hardware at enough of a markup to be profitable on the hardware alone, the markup must also go towards financing all the people that make everything happen: hardware, software, support, logistics, design, etc. So you end up paying noticeably more for the hardware than you would with other vendors, but because you are paying Purism employees in doing so.

Other vendors have the hardware available for cheaper because

  1. They sell proprietary software too
  2. They benefit from larger economies of scale and can obtain the hardware cheaper at the start
  3. They sell information about you to offset the cost of the hardware

Probably for other reasons too.

So I just don’t understand your desire to repeatedly post in multiple threads about your dissatisfaction with Purism on the Purism forums.


maybe he confused the Purism forums with the Reddit r/Purism ? lol

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I’ve got no problem that purism notebooks are more expensive than other notebooks.
I think Pine64 make a lot of things right here. Problem is the hardware isn’t near to free software.

Purism isn’t Apple, if they sell there notebooks für 400 USD less each it’s no problem.But selling “rebranded items” or just cheap normal power cables from other companies for just peanuts (5USD) and sell them vor 60 USD. Please fanboys, that’s way to much…

That’s really not good for the Environment, always better to use used products.
Or you want to tell your children or the children of your children you fucked the planet up and now they can die because your mindset is: “so fresh and so clean”


on that note if you pay 60$ for a cable you will probably make sure you will it in your testament so you will take good care of it … see ? no more Wall-E needs to happen and Pizza-plants will grow by themselves in your back-yard :wink:

dude you don’t know how green i’am :smiley:
Pizza ingredients in my backyard are enough. i make the pizza by myself :stuck_out_tongue:

mmh so i should buy Prada, Gucci because i would care than about my clothes. Besides you can buy the cheapest clothes made from the same production company with child work and chemicals.
I pay more for clothes because they should be fair trade and biological.

But they also cheaper than Prada and Gucci :smiley: And i can’t se so much impact in the power adapter^^. I see the point why the notebook price is so high, but i think you can really compare purism with apple.
I was always happy with apples products, but is the price okay? Hell no…
Btw: The Original apple power cable you can get too for 60USD haha

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is that so ? well apple is not Purism so it’s NOT ok for them to have 60$ cables lol … only Purism can have 60$ cables because it’s an SPC and it doesn’t have a donate button … but if the cables are that much of a bother to you could just ignore it and use the regular FSF-donate button … that works wonders too … better yet … use Bitcoin or some other form of non-traceable donation method … just to pay for developers coffee you know … cause you can’t afford Obama-care through donations alone … uh … i have to learn no to reply to these troll-baits :rofl:

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But if i spend the developers coffee…
Will they use reusable cups made of stainless steel?
Not throw away cups destroying the planet

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probably not because this aint’ the hospital where you sterilize the instruments before use … besides … did you know that the Vikings drank their ale and after that they smashed the cups on the floor … look how far that got them …

You’re right, that’s much better than some jank cable ruining the battery or shorting out the charging port.

No because its the same cable that’s the point

No, the point is that one doesn’t really know what they’re getting when they shop ebay, but roll the dice if you’d like. Your e-waste argument doesn’t hold any water though.