Advice on used Librem 13 v3

I just acquired a Librem 13 v 3. While Purism said this Forum not for support, I thought that was for support from Purism itself. Person to person advice was fine.

I don’t see much posted info on about this model from Purism. Is there a way to purchase a keyboard? I have read some of these models are the same as a Dell. And like the battery might be replaced with a dell batter? Any idea about this exact version.

USB with Purism seems to be iffy. Not sure how it turns on or off, or is it a hardware issue? Left side with a USB mouse shows flickers of light from the bottom of the mouse. Can work with the right side after the Librem Key is removed. I started Tails Linux, and it does not show any representation of things into Left USB port.

I am about to try, again, to install Qubes to the second drive, which has developed some interesting hitches. I will slog on and see what I can get to work.

I had a mouse that flickered, (this is on a Dell, not Librem), it was on a USB extender. I put it directly into the laptop and it worked fine. So it appears some mice draw too much power to drive their laser and the USB extender apparently didn’t distribute enough.

Yesterday my keyboard seemed to fail. I was tempted to go to the local Goodwill store and buy another one for a dollar. After another reboot it worked fine.

If 13 v1 keyboard suits there:

Write an email to and ask if they will sell you a replacement keyboard for the L13v3.

You might want to try booting from another USB port. If that doen’t work, then try booting another PC with the same USB memory stick to verify that it is bootable and also check the BIOS of your L13v3 to verify that it is configured to boot from USB (i.e. USB is before the SSD in the boot order).


Thank you for the information.

I have gotten Qubes installed and updated. I will have to write a roadmap to get around PureBoot. I will keep experimenting.

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