After 2 yr 8 mo got my Librum 5 The SIM card is too big, T Mobile said it only 2G and 3G, witch are not available any more. How do I get cell service

I got my Librum 5 After 2 years and 8 months, The SIM card is too big to fit in the slot, I took it to T Mobile and they said it would only work with 2G and 3G witch are no longer available. Has there been an upgrade? How do i get cell service?

I think this will be helpful. Look at the 4G Calling section.

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I think the people at your T-mobile store don’t know what they are talking about honestly. SIM cards can be resized to fit, etc.


I agree with @2disbetter , the people at T-Mobile did not sound very helpful. I have T-Mobile and it works fine with 4g, VoLTE calls and SMS text messages (aside from the minor software hiccups).

If the SIM card you have is too big, perhaps you have the wrong size/type of SIM card. The Librem 5 has a slot for a nano size SIM card.

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Normally SIM cards come in nested, punch-out plastic holders - so that you can punch out the correct size for your device.

If you can’t make progress with this, it may help to post a photo of what the SIM card that your telco sent you looks like.

That may be accurate. You should mention what country you are in.

You need to enable VoLTE on the phone if you are in a country that has completely phased out 2G and 3G. I’ll let @adamd and his post cover that.

VoLTE means: voice calls over 4G. Traditionally, phones drop down to 3G to make voice calls, while using 4G for data when not on a voice call. That approach has any number of problems, hence the move to VoLTE.


PS Remember always to shut the phone down before inserting or removing a SIM card or a µSD card.


I’m in the USA

This card is not a punch out, I don’t want to trim it down for fear of damaging it. Will a regular macro SIM card work.

That is a Micro-SIM and the L% uses a Nano-SIM, which wikipedia says was introduced in early 2012

OK. I would complain to the supplier of the SIM about that.

I wouldn’t worry about damaging the SIM. A replacement SIM costs bugger all.

I would worry about damaging the tray and/or the contacts in the SIM reader (if the cut down SIM is almost the right size but too big or too small).

So you need to go back to the supplier and ask for a nano-SIM.