After disk formatting : The Librum firmware is missing at boot. What should be done?

Hello everybody.
When I configure / reformat my disk to re-install, everything gone ? and the firmware too ?
I’m surprise it was on disk, the PureOS boot say it missing, and I don’t find a real post to do this clearly, so :

I download the missing firmware (skl_dmc_ver1_27.bin) ; has the boot tell for me.

Somebody has a tips to put the firmware on the right place ?
How to flash Librum firmware when it missing ?
Coreboot is install and up to date, everything his work, two reboot, all green, just Intel ME don’t respond when I check.

So, I find this page to do this :
and this one to re-flash :

But it’s really the good way ? Or I just need to do something else because the link with PureOS / Coreboot is broken (because I just format my disk, I don’t touch anything on flash until now) and I don’t understand why the firmware disappear.

Walking on the loooong post here, but coreboot has evoluate and I’m not really very fine with the idea to try anything with a firmware. I don’t want to brick the librum :sweat_smile:

Thank’s a lot.

The firmware that is reported missing here is the DMC firmware for the Intel HD graphics. We do not ship this binary only firmware with any product or package. This firmware is also not essentially necessary at runtime. The DMC firmware supposedly can help, according to Intel, for certain power management in the GPU. I have tried it on our Librem devices with and without this firmware and did not notice any significant difference.

So bottom line is: This firmware was likely never installed on your system, you can happily ignore the missing firmware message and use the laptop without any significant impact.



All right, so everything is fine, nothing to worry.
Real thank’s Nicole for these explanations.