After upgrade no sound


I’ve upgraded via apt-get dist-upgrade.

Now the sound doesn’t work. :frowning:

(all sounds, like phone calls, music, …)

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This is likely not helpful but I just did the apt-get dist-upgrade thing. 42 packages updated. I rebooted and everything is working fine. Perhaps its just a sound setting.

I have had devices in the past that would get confused between a wired headset and the built in speakers. I had to plug in an external headset and then unplug it to get sound back. It may be worth a try if you have not already.

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Probably best to drill down on that since there are many possible audio output options:

  • built-in speakers
  • wired headphones
  • Bluetooth audio output device
  • HDMI
  • USB audio output dongle with headphones

(depending on what hardware you have available to you).


That doesn’t work for me.

Only system sounds are working (for example volume up or down with hardware keys).

It seems like the complete sound system is broken :frowning:

Should I reflash?

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Only consider it after backing up any important files first.

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With care, it may be possible to boot a reflashed uSD card (while leaving the internal drive untouched). But, honestly, if doing that, I would probably backup (image) the internal drive first using Jumpdrive, in which case you could reflash with impunity and then decide whether to restore the image.

Given that a Librem 5 can’t directly Live Boot a USB flash drive (yet?), in some sense Purism should be including a Live Boot uSD card with each Librem 5 - now that there is support for booting from uSD card.


Okay, I reflashed. Now sound works again.


Great, mark your answer as a solution.

Even with the sound working, I’ve never had enough volume to make listening to music online practical. The sound level out of the phone’s speaker is way too low. My bluetooth headphones that work just fine on my Android phone are still way too quiet to use on my Librem 5 also. Anyone here know how to double or tripple the volume level on my Librem 5 without a big external amplifier?

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No, I have dedicated external equipment for efficient music consumption.

What about music played locally?
Is that volume also too low?

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The audio from my L5 seems on par with other phones I have had in the past leading me to think there is something going on with your specific device / software install. Sorry I don’t know how to help.

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What about wired (3.5mm audio jack) headphones?

For my Librem 5, all three audio sinks have adequate volume (built-in speaker, wired headphones, Bluetooth speakers).

Note that anything connected via Bluetooth is a digital interface, so the audio volume is not directly controllable by the host. (In the case of USB though, an audio sink may separately expose a volume control to the host - so all information flowing from the host to the audio sink is digital - audio data and volume selection - and the audio sink applies the volume selection to the output sound.)

I’m wondering whether some audio setting is just not right on your phone.

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