After upgrade PureOS to Byzantium only memory boot options into Librem Key

I don’t know if this question is in the right forum,

I upgraded the PureOS to Byzantium and after the reboot I only have the option to boot into the memory or start a recovery shell.
It is on a Purism Librem 13 with the Librem Key.

After any changes to the core of the operating system and boot process, you will have to sign the files again. So if you upgraded amber to byzantium, that would apply but it would also apply to some software updates within amber or within byzantium.

I know that after changes into the OS the key must be set again. I did this and after that I only can choose to start the memory. All the options to choose a kernel to start the sytem in are disapeerd.
How can I fix this so I can choose a kernel to start? The partition where the key starts in is read only so I cannot change the grub.cfg to add a menu option.

You don’t set the key again, you sign the changed files with the key you already have.

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