After upgrade to coreboot 4.11: Blank screen after choosing OS

I have a Librem 13v4 running NixOS, using LUKS encryption. After upgrading to the latest version of the coreboot firmware (4.11-Purism-1), I’ve encountered the following situation:

When I boot up the computer, GRUB loads and allows me to choose my operating system. At this point the system is supposed to prompt me for the encryption password, but the screen is blank. However, I can still enter the password despite the blank screen, and upon completion the screen returns to life and I can continue to use my computer as usual.

The end result is that I can still use my laptop, but the blank screen is somewhat disconcerting. I’m worried that if some other issue comes up during the boot process later on, it will be challenging to resolve because it’s not possible to see anything. Any ideas on how to fix this?

does adding i915.modeset=1 to your kernel params help?

the issue is likely due to the change in the 4.11-Purism-1 firmware to using coreboot native display init, rather than the VBIOS init. It seems some configurations expect the ability to change/set the video mode, rather than querying for available modes. Where possible, we’ll help users adjust their setup, and if that fails, have them roll back to the older 4.9-Purism-2 firmware. For the next release, we may have to offer both init methods in order to make everyone happy and not leave them running an older version (with outdated microcode)

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Adding i915.modeset=1 does not seem to help, unfortunately.

then I’d downgrade back to 4.9-Purism-2 for the time being, if typing blindly is problematic. I don’t have time ATM to triage the issue properly

For what it’s worth I am having the same issue running Devuan ASCII. My screen doesn’t appear blank but the boot process visually appears to get hung up at “loading from Ram disk” stage". Typing LUKS encryption password blindly (without a prompt) does allow everything to get up and running but still hoping this can be fixed soon.