I am trying to get my new wifi working with the installed Parrot OS on my Librem 14 but can’t seem to get it working. Anyone can help?

I just installed parrot v6.0.0
bought Alfa AWUS036NHA

ran update, upgrade, reboot, plugged in wifi, not working. This is my first time, appreciate any tips.

Yeah that fancy card is GNU FRYF, just need to install the libre firmware to get working, as the driver already in linux but still need the firmware.

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Thanks, I found that the cable or the connection has a short near the connection @ the wifi device itself so some scotch tape fixed that. I can’t yet get this wifi to work with my macbook lite / kali build, but got it to load google on parrot. Ill check out the firmware update.

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Please replace the cable if is broken, do not taping for long term use.